server.* in vcl_init{}

Delacroix, Gauthier Gauthier.Delacroix at
Wed Sep 10 15:28:36 CEST 2014


As explained here (, server.* values aren't available in vcl_init{} and vcl_fini{} because they are "Request specific".

I understand why client.* is request specific, but server.* seems...server specific...

I'm using libvmod_statsd which allows to prefix all statsd requests through statsd.prefix() in vcl_init{}. I wish I could use server.identity as a prefix but I've been surprised server.* isn't available there (never used vcl_init{} before).

Am I mistaking something or shouldn't server.* be available in vcl_init{} ?

Thanks !

Gauthier Delacroix

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