Varnish panic API

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Thu Jul 2 14:16:05 CEST 2015

In message <CANTn4cpDVxyimMkH9mchFRAZShx-sxCOUVYFQCLDq77pBf5UEg at>, Martin Blix Grydeland writes:

>Now that we expose the panic functions also to vmods, I believe we need to
>define a somewhat cleaner way for different parts to produce the panic

Yes, it's getting unwieldy.

A very similar situation exists in VCC with respect to the C code output.

I've been pondering extending the VSB api so that it would automatically
indent after \n.

Something like:
	VSB_indent(struct vsb *, int more);

	VSB_printf(vsb, "{\n");
	VSB_indent(vsb, 2);
	VSB_printf(vsb, "Foo = bla;\n");
	VSB_indent(vsb, -2);
	VSB_printf(vsb, "}\n");

As you can see from that example, the indentation needs to happen on first char *after* then \n
rather than the \n itself.  I think that is the most logical and useful semantics.

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