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Federico Schwindt fgsch at
Mon Jul 13 20:35:15 CEST 2015


Below is a summary of counters removed and renamed in master wrt 4.0 and
IMO what we need to bring back for 4.1. Unless specifically mentioned they
are relative to MAIN.


backend_toolate - IIUC cannot happen anymore
client_req_413 - unused in 4.0
fetch_oldhttp - used to indicate backends < 1.1
VBE.<backend exp>.vcls - no longer needed


fetch_none (was fetch_zero)
sc_pipe_overflow (was sess_pipe_overflow)
rx_body (was client_req_411)


backend_conn is never incremented (#1725)

To be in parity with 4.0 we should address #1725.
Not sure if there is any value in fetch_oldhttp or fetch_close.

As for counters we might want to add, several people have mentioned the
need for per-backend errors. There are 3 places in cache_backend.c that
have the "XXX: Per backend stats ?" comment that we can start with and what
the attached patch covers.
That said, this might be post 4.1 material.

Haven't looked at #1725 yet.

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