Porting vmod to version 4

Chan, Rayson MT Rayson.MT.Chan at pccw.com
Mon Mar 9 06:43:55 CET 2015

Hi all,

I am trying to port this vmod: libvmod-parsereq (found here: https://github.com/xcir/libvmod-parsereq)
to Varnish 4.0, which has useful features such as inspecting POST variables.

However, I am stumped with a couple of things in the vmod:
1) The vmod calls a function called VRT_panic() in Varnish 3.0 vrt.h but that's not present in Varnish 4.0. What is the proper substitute for that in V4?
2) One part of vmod calls a custom function named vmod_Hook_Miss_opt_post_lookup() when encountered a R_STP_MISS. The inside the custom function vmod_Hook...() has a couple of lines like this:
        //send body
        sp->sendbody = 1;
        //modify request method
But there are no equivalent of sp->sendbody and VRT_l_bereq_request() in V4. Does anybody know what they meant to do?

Any kind of help is appreciated.


Rayson Chan - HKT

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