[PATCH] Add "hash_always_expire" option to treat any existing objects as expired

Jingyi Wei jyw at epochtimes.com
Thu Mar 12 16:52:20 CET 2015

Hello Nils,

I briefly read Tollef's softban patch. Softban (including softpurge)
only set ttl to 0, but does not trigger a fetch immediately. The user
will get the graced object and then varnish will fetch a new object.

"hash_always_expire" is treat all objects as expired and trigger a
bgfetch at the same time. This is like a object refresh, but an improved
version of "hash_always_miss". So the next user will receive the new
content if bgfetch finishes.


On 03/12/15 03:26, Nils Goroll wrote:
> Hi,
> isn't this just what Tollef's softban patch used to do, but more specific?

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