Questions on backend allocations

Dridi Boukelmoune dridi at
Thu Mar 19 00:26:23 CET 2015


As discussed briefly during the last VDD in Hamburg, phk said that
everything should be in place to allow dynamic backend allocations
(ie. outside of pure VCL).

I looked quickly at the code right after the VDD with fgs, and at the
time there was a couple backend-related commits that had just showed
up. But I came to the conclusion that you could only add/remove a
backend and a tcp pool in vcl_init and vcl_fini.

Those operations can only be triggered by the CLI thread right now, so
it's not possible to programmatically add a backend at any arbitrary
time and still benefit from the existing facilities (stats, probes,
connection pools, etc).

I haven't made any progress since then, so I'm asking first what the
comment was about. I think I misunderstood what it was supposed to
mean at the time.

Also please find attached a tiny patch removing leftovers I found after the

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