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> >We add a new make target - "make report" which depends on testsuite.log
> >output from "make check". [...]
> >I've written a standalone parser for the file which extracts the various
> >interesting bits from it and pushes it into a local database. This seem to
> >work quite well and could run from cron. It's a bit hackish (it's written
> >in Perl with a bunch of regular expressions).
> Just trying to wade through my inbox here.

Completely agreed. Which is why

> I think this is basically a good idea, but I'm not thrilled about
> growing perl as a dependency...

You don't have to worry about. The perl bit is server-side. The only
changes (optional) to varnish itself is a new make target that runs a curl
command line to push the test-suite.log.

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