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> >You don't have to worry about. The perl bit is server-side. The only
> >changes (optional) to varnish itself is a new make target that runs a curl
> >command line to push the test-suite.log.
> Ahh... I thought you built the summary on the client.
> PS: Speaking of dependencies, instead of using curl, you could use
> varnishtest couldn't you ?

Currently the curl command does a form submission with a file upload to
push the data. This way I don't have to write the server component but I
can use a canned piece of softwar. varnishtest doesn't deal with web forms,

This step is entirely optional and if someone doesn't want to install curl
in order to report the build log I wouldn't really worry about it. It will
be mostly used from the build servers and your laptop, I guess.

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