Assertion failure in VCL_DelBackend()

Dridi Boukelmoune dridi at
Mon Nov 16 00:24:50 CET 2015

> The patch and test case in the attachment demonstrate VCL_DelBackend()
> crashing on assertion failure, at least when called from a VMOD. It's
> failing AN(ptr) on line 288 of common/common_vsm.c, because be->vsc is
> NULL (VSM_Free(be->vsc) called by VBE_Event()).

I believe you're not supposed to use VCL_DelBackend directly, and
static backends are owned by the VCL. You're not supposed to tamper
with them.

What is the use case?

> Bug report? (Are we still using trac for that, or are we into the Brave
> New World now?)

I think not.

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