relative imports and duplicate includes

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In message <CABaBnj4AVVgkkc6d2fjdu8FTrxmWAGZDV7JcUdopsCSPK0_duA at>, Kacper Wysocki writes:

>attached is a patch to make 'import foo' relative to the importing source file,

We thought a lot about this originally, and the conclusion back
then was to not do it for reasons of predictability and security.

First:  What is "relative to the importing source file" when you
load with vcl.inline ?

There are also a host of security/trust issues.

What if you include "foo", which comes from vcl_dir, and foo includes
"bar" ?

Do you look for "bar" in the original "relative to the importing
source file" dir first or do you look only in vcl_dir ?

What if you include "/foo/bar/barf.vcl" and it includes "murphy.vcl"
which lives in vcl_dir, and murphy includes "heisenberg.vcl" ?

Where do you look for heisenberg.vcl ?

If we want to reopen this issue, I think the much more
predictable and sensible way to go about it is to turn
vcl_dir (and vmod_dir?) into lists of paths to search,
(just like $PATH).

>and a patch to remove the error upon duplicate 'include'.

You mean "import" right ?

What if one is:

	import "foo";

and the other is:

	import "foo" from /somewhere/";

Isn't that a problem ?

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