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Guillaume Quintard guillaume at
Thu Oct 1 16:59:21 CEST 2015

Ok, here we go again. The previous patch had some problems regarding
dependencies. So, I rebased it and tried all combinations of :
parallel: -j 1 / -j 32
targets: all, dist, distcheck, install, html, man pages (*.1, *.7), and
pretty much all compiled compiled objects (*.o, *.lo, *.la)
make: bmake, gmake
build: out-of-tree, in-tree
That's a grand total of 2360 compilations. Each build was started for a
clean, configured env, directly by typing "[b]make $TARGET".

Everything worked except for the distchecks with bmake. But it doesn't work
at all currently, so that's not a regression. I still want to address this
later on.

The dist tarball and install results are similar (except that I get an
extra var/varnish folder).

All the previous points from the first mail should apply. Except, as a
bonus I added the "submks" target that will create Makefiles in (some)
sub-directories, so you can type "make" from bin/varnishd and it will work.

Feedback is of course welcome.

Guillaume Quintard
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