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> Two important resources presently on v-c.o are the VMOD and Utilities
> directories. Any thoughts on what happens to them?

I've been thinking quite a bit about this. Basically we could maintain some
sort of flat file structure and whenever we run "make" it will build the
corresponding pages. So people will be able to add their own VMODs and then
do a pull request to have it show up on the site.

There are high quality "website building tools" out there that will allow
us to keep full control over the markup while still making it possible to
have the simplicity of something like RST (or markdown or whatever) for the
main content.

I've been looking at - and it looks rather nice. More
alternatives are available at and a few other

As I understand the way that they work now, they depend a lot on
> having a CMS, and there are good reasons for that. Users with an
> account can post up their own descriptions and updates about their
> stuff, without requiring an editor or editors to do it all the time.
> The front-end controls for picking a technical category, maturity of
> the development, supported Varnish version, and also for the author to
> edit/delete the entry -- would any of that be possible with a site
> generated from the repo?

If they are willing to do a pull request it should be fine. But some
maintenance  on the listings will have to be done. I don't think this will
be that much of a burden as long as the effort doesn't involve editing some
shitty HTML table.

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