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> , Guillaume Quintard writes:
> >I'm in favor of mandatory brackets for IPv6, but would this do ?
> >- first char is [: it's IPv6
> >- if you find a letter or colon: it's IPv6
> Remember that it is not just numeric formats.
> In general this is about what we pass to the two fields of getaddrinfo(3),
> we don't convert to IP#s ourselves.
Ah, my bad, then there's the question of how much error types we want to
raise (vss_parse catches some of them, but far from all), because it could
be as simple as:

- find first colon (fc)
- find last colon (lc)
fc == lc => ipv4 with port
fc != lc
    *(lc - 1) == ']' => IPv6 with port (and check the first char is indeed
    else IPv6 without port

Guillaume Quintard
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