VMOD packaging, repo.v-c.o, etc

Kristian Lyngstol kly at redpill-linpro.com
Wed Oct 28 11:51:32 CET 2015

We (Lasse, Ingvar, ssm and myself) recently had a productive
workshop/brainstorming regarding vmod packaging going forward. It ended
up also being about general packaging of Varnish.

Since I saw repo.varnish-cache.org mentioned in the "Varnish project
autumn cleaning" thread, I figured I'd update the -dev community with
the parts of the outcome of those talks as they are highly relevant.

In short:

- There will be vmod packages for numerous vmods. They will not end up
  in repo.varnish-cache.org, but in official packaging and sites
  such as backports.debian.org. (And a PPA-like alternative for
  RHEL/EPEL - the details are left to Ingvar on that one).
- Packaging of newer versions of Varnish will also be done in the same
- 'repo.varnish-cache.org' will gradually become less important as the
  functions it has served will be gradually moved to more official

None of this will happen over night of course. Proper announcements and
schedules and whatnot will be posted as they as they are established.
I know Ingvar has begun work already [1] and I expect similar from ssm
soon enough. This is still work in progress and as such not an official
announcement of any kind.

The motivation is simple: Reduce duplicated efforts and ensure the QA is
as good as we can get it for the packaging. Since Ingvar and ssm have
been packaging Varnish since about Varnish 1.0, I don't think we could
ask for anyone better suited.

[1] https://copr.fedoraproject.org/coprs/ingvar/varnish41/

- Kristian
PS: My role in this is merely professional middle man.

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