[PATCH] reliable name resolution in varnishtest

Nils Goroll slink at schokola.de
Tue Sep 1 15:32:43 CEST 2015


in principle, this works on Solaris, but

* when building 64bit binaries, LD_PRELOAD fails when the shell called by the
  libtool generated varnishd wrapper scripts is 32bit, as is the case on

  A quick hack is to use LD_PRELOAD_64, but that is not generic.

  The same case would exist if the shell was 64bit and we were building 32bit

* for the hosts file we should probably decide to use ipv4 _or_ ipv6


**** v1    1.6 CLI RX| Privilege proc_setid missing, will not change uid/gid\n
**** v1    1.6 CLI RX| Backend host "varnishtest.debug": resolves to too many
**** v1    1.6 CLI RX| Only one IPv4 and one IPv6 are allowed.\n
**** v1    1.6 CLI RX| Please specify which exact address you want to use, we
found all of these:\n
**** v1    1.6 CLI RX| \t127.0.0.1:34143\n
**** v1    1.6 CLI RX| \t127.0.0.2:34143\n
**** v1    1.6 CLI RX| \t::1:34143\n
**** v1    1.6 CLI RX| ('input' Line 6 Pos 25)\n
**** v1    1.6 CLI RX|                 .host = "varnishtest.debug";\n
**** v1    1.6 CLI RX| ------------------------###################-\n
**** v1    1.6 CLI RX| \n
**** v1    1.6 CLI RX| Running VCC-compiler failed, exited with 2\n
**** v1    1.6 CLI RX| VCL compilation failed
**   v1    1.6 VCL compilation failed (as expected)
***  v1    1.6 Found expected string: ("resolves to too many addresses.")


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