Varnish Project migration and mailing lists future

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at
Tue Mar 8 22:38:29 CET 2016

As I have warned earlier, we are busy reevaluating all the Varnish
Cache projects infrastructure.

Starting tomorrow, wednesday march 9th 2016, noon-ish, our main
source code repository will live on github:

In the future bugreports and patches will happen through githubs
facilities for issues and pull-requests.  (We have taken a snapshot
of the old tickets, so history is preserved.)

The new homepage is in the works -- any day or possibly week now.

Next up was migrating email and mailing-lists to the new server.

As somebody who wrote a from scratch back in 198x when
Denmark got connected to the Internet, I was really not looking
forward to having to deal with spam-filtering and all that crap.

But like Mr. Prosser, I would argue: "It's email, you got to have email!"

Ruben prompted me to take a closer, more critical look, and that
was a good idea.

As far as I can see, has significantly more Varnish
traffic than our own varnish-misc list.

Judging from the archives, a lot of the current varnish-dev traffic
move to github as part of the pull requests handling.

So Ruben has a point:  It might be time to lie down in front of
the bulldozer.

Here is a strawman proposal to down-size our email:

	"Please use instead"

	Incoming contact point for project management.

	Incoming contact point for security issues.

	mailman, closed subscription
	Info-channel for sysadm like messages

	mailman, open subscription, moderated.
	For official project information only.

	mailman, open subscription, no posting
	Robot sends one email per commit
	(Do we one such list for each repo ?)

	mailman, open subscription
	Technical discussions, warnings, anouncements.

I have no idea how much traffic -dev will see in the future, but I
I want to keep it as a "technical list" which is open for two-way

-dev will be the only "sign up and spam" list we have, and given
the usual low level of traffic, I propose we deal with that moderating
the list and white-list people as we go.

Comments, observations, ideas ?

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