varnish and pcre2

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Wed Nov 23 10:44:50 CET 2016

In message <CA+XhMqz8XcobkAHm+A3Cc7EZt3SUk1vKhppVC3T2-CxqHB8+Zg at>, David CARLIER writes:

>Hi dear developers,
>You probably thought of it but is there any plan (next year ?) to implement
>pcre2 support in varnish ?

I will just echo what Geoff said:  If we support pcre2 it will be as a VMOD.

(In hindsight, it was a mistake to pull in pcre, rather than stick with
POSIX regexps, but we didn't have VMODS back then, so it was either or.)

If we find that practically everybody "import pcre2" in their VCL, we will
probably drag that VMOD into the main project, otherwise it will live

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