thoughts about vcl cleanup around (be)resp.body and abandon/synth

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Tue Nov 29 21:45:39 CET 2016

On Tue, Nov 29, 2016 at 3:30 PM, Nils Goroll <slink at> wrote:

> [..]
> Suggestion:
> - retire synthetic and support (un)set (be)resp.body
>   (not directly related to the topic, but something we should do
>    for consistency)

set (be)resp.body is already supported, but restricted to vcl_backend_error
/ vcl_synth.
I did not retire it to maintain compatibility and because I'm was, and
still am, unclear as to what the future plans are wrt bodies.

> - add support for (un)set beresp.body to vcl_backend_response
>   if used:
>   -> short-term: silently abort the backend connection
>   -> better: discard-read the response body

I will not object "unset beresp.body" but setting the body in the middle of
vcl_backend_response{} feels odd to me.

> - add support for (un)set resp.body to vcl_deliver

Is this the same use case but for hits?
If so, I'm on the opinion of allowing to unset the body but not generating
one, same as above in the vcl_backend_response{} case.

> - rename vcl_backend_error to vcl_backend_synth to be consistent
>   with the client side

I'd object to this. I think the current name is fine and self-explanatory.

> - add status and reason to abandon which get pre-set for the call
>   to vcl_synth
>   503 as default


> - add return(backend_synth(status, reason)) to vcl_backend_fetch
>   as an easy way to return synthetic content at backend request
>   time.

I'm all for adding return(error(code, reason)) to go to vcl_backend_error{}.
I think this subroutine should not be renamed.

> More thoughts:
> - if we want the (un)set beresp.body, should we maybe have
>         set beresp.body = fetch()
>   also?

I'd prefer to have a way to express the opposite, as in "unset beresp.body".

>   This would be the default if no other beresp.body action happend
>   in vcl_backend_response
> Thanks, Nils
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