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Fri Jan 6 14:28:54 CET 2017

In message <CABoVN9Ad=R+qyAGz1+_XYXbzOvr6krHUYVoBi44PyEGUeNm7ig at>, Dridi Boukelmoune 

>I thought gcov'ed binaries could run concurrently if the underlying
>file-system allowed it. I never had any issue with gcov and parallel
>builds and regardless, if varnishtest spawns a varnishd, won't they
>compete on coverage collection for libvarnish for instance?

Last I tried it, I got totally screwed up numbers.

(And no, because varnishtest waits for varnishd to exit before it

>I don't know about simplest, running nightly builds from a script that
>runs pseudo-continuously doesn't sound straightforward.

if `date +%Y%m%d` changed do gcov ?

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