backend/director admin states

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Thu May 3 10:52:01 UTC 2018

In message <CABoVN9Btu8j7N9G9Htk61qRj-g-fa7toY8ia_jf=ko468J+aLA at>
, Dridi Boukelmoune writes:
>> Best proposal for "???" seems to be "auto", even though it is not
>> entirely on point.
>> The implementation can control its view of the health two ways
>>   A) Call VRT_SetHealth() and set it on the director.
>>      (useful for probes as we know them)
>>   B) Provide a ->healthy() method which will be asked whenever
>>      anybody wants to know.
>>      (useful for selecting directors like rr/fb/rnd/hash)
>"auto" is what we have today in the CLI, and I don't remember ever
>being confused by that when I was only a user. And it seems to
>still match your A) and B) cases.

Where it doesn't match is a backend without probe/other mechanism.

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