VDD summary

Dridi Boukelmoune dridi at varni.sh
Tue May 15 14:36:09 UTC 2018

> => new CLI command: backend.tell <glob> args
> => ... if glob matches multiple backends, error-returns are ignored
> => ... Should "?" args be magic ?

It occurred to me that directors listening to the CLI via a backend.tell
command is a very special case that we could otherwise generalize
to a vmod.cmd CLI command. This would allow modules like xkey
to purge either from VCL or the CLI, just like ban:

    vmod.cmd <vmod-name> command [args...]


    vmod.cmd xkey help
    help [<command>]
    purge [-s] <id> [<id>...]

    vmod.cmd xkey help purge
    purge [-s] <id> [<id>...]
    Perform a purge of all objects matching at least one id,
    or a soft purge when the -s flag is present.

    vmod.cmd xkey purge 123
    42 objects purged.

This way it's up to directors to have their respective VMODs expose
various ways to change their state.

Thanks for the VDD and thanks to Nils for his patience and explanations
of their backend/director advanced needs and how we can keep the
user interface manageable in VCL.


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