VIP23 (VSL refactoring) design sketch

Nils Goroll nils.goroll at
Wed Apr 10 09:50:33 UTC 2019

my 2¢ on the VSL interface:

If we really want to go for varargs, having format string compile time checking
with v_printflike_() would be a must in order not to lower our standard, yes.

But at least for the built-in tags, I find it more appealing to auto-generate
logging functions for each SLT (not macros) with well-defined arguments, by
example of

void VSLb_ts(struct vsl_log *, const char *event, vtim_real first,
    vtim_real *pprev, vtim_real now);

The generated code may or may not memcpy, but even if, why is this an issue?

And for this concept, I don't think the cache line argument holds. Most
arguments will be passed in registers.

For dynamic Tags, we might have some less efficient generic code which follows
some spec and a format string, but we might also compromise a bit and make these
not fully dynamic but rather "extensible" and run our spec2c-compiler for VSL
functions parallel to vmodtool



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