allocating backend attributes to layers

Nils Goroll slink at
Tue Dec 8 15:51:07 UTC 2020


my 2¢:

On 08/12/2020 11:11, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
> proxy_header
> ------------
> Can one send a PROXY header over a TLS connection ?

Yes. With a hypothetical TLS backend (or tls onload with a preamble), we would
still want to be able to send (a second) PROXY header if the backend has the
proxy_header attribute.

This implies that we might use the same format (PROXY) for different purposes
("connect-to" vs. "client socket" info).

> {connect|first_byte|between_bytes}_timeout
> ------------------------------------------
> I dont think these would apply to [CGI], they would have
> their own separate timeouts.
> I lean that they belong at the Backend level, but does that make sense ?
> What would first_byte and between_bytes refer to in H2 or QUIC
> context ?  Payload bytes or overhead bytes ?
> Same question for TLS ?

I think your leaning makes sense. While we might need additional timeouts for
specific protocols, I think the existing timeouts are so generic that they
should have sensible translations to the payload of any protocol. IMHO,
including CGI, so I would tend to see CGI hat the same level as [Http2, QUIC].
But at any rate having it only at the director level would not be a show stopper.

> max_connections
> ---------------
> Does it go to the Backend level or the Endpoint level ?

Either backend or both.

- it is vital to be able to set limits on something "virtual" like a vhost or
application by defining a backend with a max_connection limits.

- adding limits at the endpoint level could make sense, but we would also need
to consider sharing of endpoints across vcls

Off topoc, yet related:

- For use with routing directors, we could make good use of some kind of
"reservation ticket" such that a routing director can make it more likely to get
a connection once the fetch starts.

- When we added the connection stats, we put them at the backend level as, at
the time, we did not want to introduce another user-visible layer. Should we
change that, we should also move the connection stats to the endpoint layer.


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