Code coverage by individual VTCs

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at
Sat Feb 15 09:51:34 UTC 2020

I have run GCOV on the individual VTC tests and chewed through
the results and produced two listings:

	This listing shows source lines in varnish-cache, how many
	times they were executed running all the tests, and how
	many tests they were executed in.  If the last number is
	low, the tests are listed.

	This listing shows the lowest number of VTCS which tested the
	source lines tested by each VTC.

	In other words, a value of one means that there are source
	lines in varnish-cache only tested by that VTC and a value
	of 258 probably means the VTC is not doing squat for us.

Please note that the tests were all run as root on FreeBSD 13-CURRENT,
so the results are not as comprehensive as they might look.

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