Support for AARCH64

Emilio Fernandes emilio.fernandes70 at
Tue Mar 10 13:23:08 UTC 2020

Hello Varnish team,

I'd like to ask whether AARCH64 architecture is officially supported one.
I wasn't able to find anything on the website but I've found that there is
a CI [1] and some tickets [2].
Few comments in this ticket [3] say that ARM64 is known to work fine on
FreeBSD and Linux (Ubuntu & Fedora).
Finally I see only x86_64 and amd64 packages at [4]

My request is: Would it be possible to add aarch64 package(s) to
PackageCloud too ?
OSes update the packages with a delay. At the moment the only option to
update after a security
release fix is to build from source. It is OK but it would be nicer if "apt
update && apt upgrade"
does it for me as soon as there is something new in PackageCloud.

And maybe mention somewhere on the website which are the supported

Thank you for Varnish Cache!


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