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As usual, thanks a bunch for all your help!

Using the THR_* functions work:
and they allow me to merge most of the vfp/vdp init code together (helped
by the fact the same rust structure is both a VDP and a VFP)

It would be even more legible if we had access to the vrt_ctx directly (for
both vfp AND vdp) so I wouldn't have to build my own, OR if we hade
VRT_priv_task_raw_parts(const req *, const busyobj *, const void *) so I
didn't have to build my own context, but that is already pretty sweet


Guillaume Quintard

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> On Fri, Dec 31, 2021 at 11:48 PM Guillaume Quintard
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> >
> > Small follow-up on that one: it would be nice for VFP to be able to
> disable streaming (bo->do_stream), so that's an extra argument to be able
> to access the busyobj
> >
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> > Guillaume Quintard
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> >
> > On Sun, Dec 26, 2021 at 6:11 PM Guillaume Quintard <
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> >>
> >> Happy holidays to everyone,
> Happy new year !
> >> Unless I'm mistaken, there's no way for a VFP to access the busyobj,
> and was wondering if that could change as I need it to retrieve a vmod_priv.
> I think your statement is correct.
> >> For some context, I stumbled on this while working on this vmod:
> >> (It's in rust, and I'm using it to explore what kind of bindings we
> need. I already have a couple of examples for VDP[1] and VFP[2] in the
> crate[3] repo, but of course they don't need as much as a real vmod.)
> >>
> >> With vmod_rers, the user is able to add regex/sub pairs on a
> per-request basis [4], and they will be acted upon by the VDP. To store and
> retrieve the pairs I use the regular "fake vrt_ctx trick"[4], since the VDP
> has access to the req struct, it's very easy to build.
> >> However, I'm unable to do the same thing on the VFP side since I have
> neither a req (fair) nor a bo.
> The big difference between both is that we only use VDPs to deliver
> client responses, but we use VFPs to fetch both beresp and req bodies,
> so the VFP operates at the objcore level.
> >> Is there a big reason for not having access to it, or is it just that
> nobody asked for it until now?
> Probably nobody never asked for it?
> Passing a VRT_CTX to the VFP init function could help grab a req or bo
> and stash it in vfp_entry::priv1, but I don't see a way to do that
> today without cheating.
> *cough* THR_GetBusyobj() *cough*
> Cheers,
> Dridi
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