A few comments of the updates debian files

Ingvar Hagelund ingvar at linpro.no
Wed May 16 23:06:05 CEST 2007

Just a few comments on the updated files in trunk/varnish-cache/debian:

The default script should have some variable defining the maximum number
of open files, and the init script should use this with 'ulimit -n', as
the default (at least on redhat) is 1024, probably too small for

The redhat sysconfig file has

# Maximum number of open files (for ulimit -n)

and the init script has

# Open files (usually 1024, which is way too small for varnish)
[ ! "${NFILES}" ] && NFILES="131072"
ulimit -n ${NFILES}

Also, the debian init script has some default varnishd options in case
there is no defaults file:

# If $DAEMON_OPTS is not set at all in /etc/default/varnish, use minimal
# defaults (Backend at localhost:8080, a common place to put a locally
# installed application server.)
DAEMON_OPTS=${DAEMON_OPTS:--b localhost}

As this puts the varnish cache file on /tmp, which often is a in-memory
filesystem on Linux, this is probably a bad idea. More robust options or
an error message complaining of the lack of options would be better. I
would prefer the latter. (Thanks, Dag-Erling).



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