varnish-2.0 in fedora10

Ingvar Hagelund ingvar at
Thu Oct 16 11:41:44 CEST 2008

I did "make tag; make build" for rawhide, that is soon-to-be Fedora 10

Build logs available at

The packages will appear in worldwide mirrors over the following days.

I'll repack for RHEL in a day or so.

There is an issue with the RHEL5 ppc64 kernel, which makes jemalloc fail
on Red Hat's build servers. Below follows an excerpt from README.redhat.


Running with jemalloc on ppc or ppc64 on fedora: Edit and recompile
To get a package through to Fedora, it has to build in Red Hat's Koji
build environment. Their ppc and ppc64 builders run mock on a RHEL
ppc64 kernel. Our use of jemalloc does not work on this kernel, and
the build stays unsuccessful. As ppc64 is not the primary target of
varnish development, it may take some time to get this bug fixed.
To get the package through to Fedora, jemalloc is disabled in the ppc
and ppc64 builds.

Now, varnish with jemalloc enabled is known to work at least on the
ppc (32bit) kernel in Fedora 9. If you run on ppc, and have a workload
that suits jemalloc better, you might want to change the specfile and
recompile.  We would very much like feedback from anyone running
varnish on Fedora's own ppc64 kernel.

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