Ubnuntu installation woes

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You can create a baclport, source the karmic varnish version and compile
under 8.10 it's Easy !

Le 21 oct. 2009, 10:55 PM, "Trevor Turk" <trevorturk at gmail.com> a écrit :

Hello all,

I've been struggling a bit to get Varnish installed on an Ubuntu 8.10
intrepid. I started with the apt-get method, but that produced a
really badly out of date release. Then, I've been working by
installing from source. I ran into a problem that Kristian helped me
with in the #varnish IRC room. Apparently, I need to add
"/usr/local/lib" to "/etc/ld.member:so.conf" in order to get the
libraries loaded. I was getting errors about "varnishd: error while
loading shared libraries: libvarnish.so.1" before this.

Kristian suggested that I should drop a note to the mailing list about
this. I'm wondering if:

a) The wiki might be updated to have more detail installation
instructions that cover this potential issue.

b) another person in IRC suggested that there was a debian package in
the svn repo, but I wasn't able to get that working. Perhaps there are
some instructions that could be added to the wiki about that?

c) The apt-get-able package might be updated somehow, perhaps I should
put in a request elsewhere about this, though.

Thanks very much for your work on Varnish. I've had excellent test
results with it, and I've used it on Heroku and been very impressed so

- Trevor
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