Varnish 2.1.4 packages in cygwin

jdzstz - gmail dot com jdzstz at
Wed Jan 12 19:19:59 CET 2011

I have published varnish 2.1.4 packages in Cygwin plataform:


Package info:


All varnish functionalities seems to work ok.

The installation/update procedure is standard to other varnish
packages in cygwin:

     1) Download and execute "setup.exe" from
    (direct link: )
     2) Follow all steps until "Select Packages" step.  (usually, just
press "next")
     3) Select varnish package, located in: "Net" or in "Web"
category. You can also use "Search" functionality.
     4) Execute rest of steps.  (usually, just press "next")

Varnish paths in cygwin are very similar to Debian / Ubuntu ones:
 -  /usr/sbin        => varnishd
 -  /usr/bin         => Other varnish* binaries
 -  /usr/bin         => Dynamic libraries (DLL, equivalent to SO files)
 -  /usr/lib         => Static libraries
 -  /usr/share/man/  => Man pages
 -  /etc/varnish/    => Config files
 -  /var/varnish/    => Varnish instance and shmlog directory

Cygwin platform is a Windows DLL and UNIX environment for Windows.
Cygwin consists of two parts: a dynamic-link library (DLL) as an API
compatibility layer providing a substantial part of the POSIX API
functionality, and an extensive collection of software tools and
applications that provide a Unix-like look and feel.
More info:

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