How to run Varnish as Windows Service

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Hello Thiện,

If you have installed varnish in a full cygwin environment with varnish (

you can use "cygrunsrv" util to configure it:

   - [in spanish]

If you have installed the varnish ZIP bundle (that includes Varnish
binaries, GCC compiler, Cygwin, PDCurses and PCRE DLLs) you have to use the
wrapper software solution like runasservice, srvany or instsrv:


Another advice is to check windows event viewer, at administrative tools or
executing: eventvwr.msc  (cygwin programs logs some errors into this event



2011/10/5 Thiện Trần Phước <tphuocthien at>

> Hi everybody,
> I uses Varnish Web Cache in Windows Server 2008. Could anybody tell me: how
> to run Varnish as Windows Service ?
> Because this is a server,it should run automatically when Windows is
> startup.
> I research multi way to do. Download some wrapper software and intergate
> Varnish into them. But not success.
> Thanks a lot,
> Denny Jimmy
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