Centos 6 RPMs

Ingvar Hagelund ingvar at redpill-linpro.com
Fri Apr 7 10:25:49 CEST 2017

Den 04. april 2017 14:49, skrev Keck, Hans-Peter:
> Hi all,
> we want to upgrade our Varnish to the latest version, but we are still
> running Centos 6.
> Looking at https://packagecloud.io/varnishcache/varnish5/ it seems that
> Varnish 5.1 RPMs are currently only available for Centos/RedHat 7.
> Are there plans to provide these packages or do we need to compile them
> from source?

There are some minor portability issues with varnish-5.1 against el6. I
think I've been able to backport fixes, but these probably won't make it
upstream, as they are el6 specific hacks. So don't expect official
packages for el6. You might try to ping somebody at Varnish Software and
ask them, though.

I maintain the package of varnish in fedora and fedora epel. The
released epel package tends to become old quite fast, as I the epel
policy restricts me to keep a version compatible for updates through the
whole LTS lifecycle. This means varnish-2.0 in epel5, varnish-2.1 in
epel6, and varnish-4.0 in epel7. So still no "official" package of
varnish-5.1 through epel.

I have unofficial builds based on the latest Fedora packages. They
include fixes for el6. Prebuilt packages may be found here:

If prefer to recompile yourself, the latest Fedora Rawhide package
should build on el6 without further ado.

I intend to keep my copr repo updated at new releases, but it's
something I do aside my daytime job. If you are interested in a more
commercial approach, please contact Varnish Software or Redpill Linpro.

Best regards,
Ingvar Hagelund

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