Varnish: the outlook and X-mas and all that.

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at
Mon Dec 4 00:58:36 CET 2006

I thought I'd give you guys a status.

I've been giving my Varnish talk five times in the last couple of
weeks from Milan to Stockholm and response is good.  Next time is
at the UKUUG spring conference in Manchester.

Version 2 seems to be a go, funding seems to be in place and
development will start early january (after the hangovers subside).

The featurelist is not yet nailed down, so if you have any last
second wishes, now would be a good time to mail them to me.

I am also looking for intelligent suggestions to how to handle
cookies and authentication in Varnish, if you have experience or
ideas in this space, mail me your thoughts.

I have been looking at the bug reports and I will tackle them asap,
but have been a bit hampered by travel, various other activities
and a persistent and potent murphy field in my lab which has so far
claimed one full machine and one of the CPUs in another.

Finally a number of private emails have asked me what you guys can
do for varnish and a few have asked about my X-mas wishes as well.

Without going as far as Tobi Ötiker has gone with autoconf for
RRD and MRTG, I do in fact have an amazon wishlist which you guys
are more than welcome to peruse:

Merry X-mas 


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