Feature request: Babysitter of slow clients

Ask Bjørn Hansen ask at develooper.com
Tue Dec 5 03:03:24 CET 2006

On Dec 4, 2006, at 14:19, Flemming Frandsen wrote:

> Varnish could help in this situation by quickly slurping up the  
> content from apache, so it can return to work and passing the  
> content to the client at the clients pace.

Doesn't it already?   (I haven't tried Varnish yet, but that would be  
one of the Must Have features).  I am at the Web Builder conference  
and I'm just told a bunch of people in my talk to use Varnish for  
this in 2007.  :^)   (The slides are at http://develooper.com/talks/ )

If you don't need caching, then perlbal has some of the same  
properties as Varnish and it does do the "slow feeding to clients"  
thing.  (And Keep-Alive connections in both directions).


- ask

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