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>The only worry I have is that another five-day test workshop will eat
>up most of my remaining time (this is not a matter of work capacity,
>but of the number of contracted hours)

Yes, I'm wondering about the wisdom of this considering how well
our first live test went.

With respect to stability and performance we are where I expected
to be after live test 2, with respect to features we are not.

But testing features is not even close to a good use of a live test.

Here is an alternative and slightly more agrresive plan:

Mid July (phk and/or des)
	Ad-Hoc supervised low-volume production at VGNETT

	Anders need to set the Alteon to a very low setting,
	but otherwise his involvement is not required.

	Alpha release.

Late July (phk, anders & des)
	Coordinated supervised high-volume production at VGNETT

	Same formula as last time, only I stay in Denmark and
	we restrict to one day.

	Beta release.

Early August
	Unsupervised low-volume production at VGETT
	Unsupervised high-volume production at VGETT

	Anders makes the call on this one.


	Release 1.0

(This would push the NUUG talk into September as well)

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