Virtual hosts and logfiles -- some problems

Stephan Nedregaard stephan at
Tue Apr 17 16:47:12 CEST 2007


I refer to DES` mail to the list 4th April, where he proposed using:

des at dma <> ~% varnishlog -w /dev/stdout -c RxHeader '^Host:' | varnishncsa -r /dev/stdin

We've tried to get NCSA logs out of Varnish based on virtual hosts. The 
method described doesn't work -- it does not sort by virtual hosts as -o 
isn't specified. However, -o and -w don't work together, so it's not a 
matter of simply adding -o.

So far, what we've done is to output with -o and the RxHeader rule on 
the server side and redirected the output to a file. We then want to do 
the conversion on a separate server. However, varnishncsa doesn't seem 
to work very welll with stored files on any server.  :(

varnishncsa -d -r raw.log -- with or without the -d outputs nothing. 
Some times it segfaults. varnishlog has no problems reading the log when 
passed the same parameters, although the output is clearly not as 
intended (see below):

   11 RxHeader     c Accept-Language: en-gb
   11 RxHeader     c Accept
25455 (null)         ding: gzip, deflate
   11 RxHeader     c Connection: Keep-Alive
   11 VCL_call     c recv pass
   11 Backend
 8291 ObjRequest      13 default
   11 RxProtocol   c
21584 (null)         /1.1
   11 RxStatus     c 200
   11 RxResponse   c OK
   11 RxHeader     c Date: Tue
14112 ObjRequest     Apr 2007 11:57:38 GMT
   11 RxHeader     c Server
28769 ObjRequest     che
   11 RxHeader     c Last-Modified: Wed, 04 Apr 2007 16:20:57
21514 (null)            11 RxHeader     c Content-Length: 166
   11 RxHeader     c Content-Type: i
25903 (null)         gif
   11 RxHeader     c X-Varnish: 1753174786
   11 RxHeader     c X-Forwarded-for:

The version of Varnish used is 1.0.3. This happens both with the 
standard Gentoo package and a compiled version of the source tarball.

If anyone knows any way to reliably get log data per virtual host, that 
would be appreciated.

Stephan Nedregaard

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