Packaging: A need for a devel package?

Roy-Magne Mo rmo at
Fri Apr 20 00:21:47 CEST 2007

Ingvar Hagelund skreiv:
> I am putting some effort in the (RedHat) rpm package again. I got a
> question about a devel package. Usually, on RedHat based systems, one
> typically puts things like static libraries and header files in a devel
> package, like "varnish-libs-devel-1.0.3-5.i386.rpm" for instance.
> Now, I wonder: Would it be appropriate with a devel package at all? Is
> it thinkable that anyone would use varnish technology to build things
> outside varnish itself? If so, I could use a list of actual header files
> and a suggestion on where to put them (/usr/include/varnish?), and maybe
> some starting point hacking documentation, if that's feasible.

It doesn't hurt either, so I think it should stay there. I had a look at
the package, and see that you strip the binaries. Stripping is handled
by rpm itself, and the debuginfo is automatically put into it's own package.

Roy-Magne Mo

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