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Thu Aug 2 11:32:14 CEST 2007

In message <8e6064260708020220q2ae3fe98ia3fcb9d0a6f186b4 at>, rafailowski writes
>I'm new to varnish and i have some problems with cookies.
>I have to cache a website who use coookies to determine the language.
>The cookies are:
>15 TxHeader     b Cookie: _ZopeId="23273311A29b-he1CIg"; LOCALIZER_LANGUAGE="es"

>Is there's a way to cache a website like this, using cookies for language?

I can think of one way that might work:

Hash that part of the cookie in addition to the URL and host, something like:

	vcl_hash {
		if (req.http.cookie) {
			set req.hash += regsub(

(If this work, please take a moment to add it to our FAQ!)

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