Varnish on OS X and bug #118

Martin Aspeli optilude at
Tue Aug 7 11:15:31 CEST 2007

Hi Dag,

Thanks for a detailed reply!

The problem, I suppose, is that your other solution still involves
patching the sources.

I do wonder why my MacPorts-installed libtool didn't work, though.
This ought to be the same as the GNU version. It installs as
'glibtool', but I symlinked to libtool and made sure /opt/local/bin
(where it gets installed) comes first.

Ah well, at least I understand why now.


On 8/7/07, Dag-Erling Smørgrav <des at> wrote:
> Martin Aspeli <optilude at> writes:
> > Two questions:
> >
> >   - Is there some workaround I can do to make this work without having
> > to patch the source?
> >
> >   - Is there some way Varnish's configure script could detect OS X and
> > make this change as appropriate?
> >
> > I can't work out what export_dynamic_flag_spec="-flat_namespace"
> > actually *does, making it hard to explore the space.
> We link varnishd with -export-dynamic, which tells libtool that
> symbols defined in varnishd should be available to libraries linked
> with varnishd.  Otherwise, varnishd would be able to call VCL code but
> the VCL code would not be able to call the VCL runtime (VRT_*) which
> is contained partly in varnishd and partly in libvarnish.
> The export_dynamic_flag_spec variable tells libtool how it should
> translate -export-dynamic when invoking the native linker.  On systems
> using the GNU toolchain, this is simply ld's --export-dynamic option
> (or gcc's -Wl,--export-dynamic which tells it to invoke ld with the
> --export-dynamic option).  On MacOS X, this is -flat_namespace, which
> tells the linker to use a single namespace for program and libraries
> instead of a two-level namespace where the program can look up symbols
> in the libraries but not the other way around.  Note than until 10.3,
> -flat_namespace used to be the default.
> There is another option you might try instead of the libtool hack,
> although I haven't tested it so I don't know if it will actually work:
> Index: bin/varnishd/mgt_vcc.c
> ===================================================================
> --- bin/varnishd/mgt_vcc.c      (revision 1808)
> +++ bin/varnishd/mgt_vcc.c      (working copy)
> @@ -182,7 +182,7 @@
>         len = snprintf(buf, sizeof buf,
>              "ln -f %s _.c ;"                   /* XXX: for debugging */
>  #ifdef __APPLE__
> -           "exec cc -dynamiclib -Wl,-flat_namespace,-undefined,suppress -o %s -x c - < %s 2>&1",
> +           "exec cc -dynamiclib -Wl,-undefined,dynamic_lookup -o %s -x c - < %s 2>&1",
>  #else
>             "exec cc -fpic -shared -Wl,-x -o %s -x c - < %s 2>&1",
>  #endif
> The downside is that this will not work at all on pre-10.3 systems,
> whereas -flat_namespace is simply a nop on pre-10.3.
> Let me know how it works out...
> --
> Dag-Erling Smørgrav
> Senior Software Developer
> Linpro AS -

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