varnish(log|nscsa|....) > varnishlog,> Cannot open NONE

Ingvar Hagelund ingvar at
Tue Aug 14 12:38:25 CEST 2007

* Jean-Marc Pouchoulon
> just build varnish 1.1.1 rpm from svn on linux fedora 7
> #129 is fixed thanks to the developpers :-) 
> But I have this strange message on varnish utility:
>>  varnishlog
>> Cannot open NONE/var/varnish/localhost.localdomain/_.vsl: No such file 
>> or directory
> I built varnish from source , I get the same "error"
> Using varnishlog on varnish.log works fine.
> NB :
> To build varnish rpm I must add this line in .SPEC
>> %define _unpackaged_files_terminate_build 0

These are related. The file /var/varnish does not exist on your system,
as it's not in the build (and by doing that define, you force the packge
to be built anyway). The rpm specfile is not updated to 1.1.1. It's on
my todolist.



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