how to set file parameter if file is not just one.

Monty Ree chulmin2 at
Wed Aug 29 13:21:43 CEST 2007

Hello list.

I have set like below for the storage type.

             -s file,/data1/data1.file,10G 

But, if I have several files at different partiioons like below, how to 

             /data1/data1   10G
             /data2/data2   20G 
             /data3/data3   30G 

like below is reasonable or can't do it?

         -s file,/data1/data1.file,10G 
         -s file,/data2/data2.file,20G 
         -s file,/data3/data3.file,30G 

Thanks in advance.

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