one cpu in 100% after simple url.purge ??

Eivind Bengtsson ebe at
Fri Dec 7 09:42:43 CET 2007

Hi all

I just noticed something I did not expect... I had to purge two small 
images from te cache - they have a ttl of ten minutes.

I telnet into varnish and write

url.purge *varsel_oversigt.png
I get a 200

I write

url.purge *varsel_markering.*
I get a 200

I log out of telnetpromt

and notice that the "root-driven" varnishd is now in 100% cpu usage it has 
been there since (½ an hour).
There is no problem for the users (I think) as the "nobody-driven" varnishd 
serves them and only uses around 8% cpu.

What is varnishd using one whole cpu for ?


Eivind Bengtsson
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echo 'This is not a pipe.' | cat -> /dev/tty

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