varnishncsa, -w option and the HUP signal

Eirik Øverby ltning at
Mon Dec 10 20:04:25 CET 2007


I suspect I've asked this before:

Quoting the man page:
      -w file     Write log entries to file instead of displaying  
them.  The
                  file will be overwritten unless the -a option was  

                  If varnishncsa receives a SIGHUP while writing to a  
file, it
                  will reopen the file, allowing the old one to be  

Put shortly, varnishncsa seems to totally ignore HUP signals. No log  
file reopening takes place. I see from the source that code is there  
to handle it, but I lack the skills and time to figure out why it's  
not hit, or not working as (I) expect(ed).

I remember trying this some time ago as well, while varnish 1.0 was  
the hotness, and found the same behavior. I've meanwhile resorted to  
writing to a fifo buffer and reading from there using flog. Not  
pretty, but it works.

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