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On 14.12.2007, at 10:03, Vilhelm K. Vardøy wrote:

> Hi,
> Martin Aspeli wrote:
>> When are we likely to see a new stable Varnish release? Will 1.1.2 
>> ever see the light of day?
> I'm also waiting for this release.  It would be really helpful to get 
> a status update (the web page isn't very helpful since it states a 
> delay until some time late September).

same here. FIW, i actually switched off two varnish 1.0.4 instances because they have been crashing every couple of days.

Plus, I think it looks very bad to have a message on the front page that 1.1.2 is delayed due to illness with a promise date of 3 months in the past.  That doesn't instill confidence in perspective users/customers browsing the site.


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