1.02 children die under high load

Michael Weck mike at weck.us
Thu Feb 1 06:24:21 CET 2007


Just stumbled across Varnish from a link on WikiPedia. I found someone 
who had built a Debian Sarge compatible package as I did not have much 
luck compiling it from source.

I can get Varnish to run and forward requests to the backend server and 
serve up those requests, however the process seems to reset itself under 
load. When I run varnishstat the counter gets to about 10 seconds, then 
it resets. That is at around 130 requests/second. The backend server is 
Lighttpd 1.4.11

Should I try building a version from SVN? Or is this a known issue?

Best Regards,

Michael Weck

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