Current Varnish status?

Denis Brækhus denis at
Tue Feb 13 15:15:36 CET 2007

----- Dag-Erling Smørgrav <des at> wrote:
> Basically, if a page uses cookies, you can't cache it.  That goes for
> any proxy, not just Varnish.

Yes I know that. 

> By default, Varnish goes into PASS mode if the client includes a
> cookie in the request.  It will however cache a page delivered from
> the backend even if it contains a cookie, so everybody gets the same
> cookie until the page expires...  In Varnish 1.0, this is a feature,
> as it was not intended for sites that use cookies.  I expect that in
> Varnish 2.0 - perhaps even in 1.1 if we decide to do a 1.1 - it will
> be reclassified as a bug, and fixed.

Thanks for the clarification. I actually think I can live with that for some time.
> Workaround: if only part of your site uses cookies, you can configure
> Varnish to always use PASS mode for that part, and cache the rest. 

Thanks for the tip.

> BTW, I've looked at and did not find any cookies on any
> page I visited.

Well, we are looking into using Varnish at Startsiden, but this is a different project than those pages. And I might have expressed myself a little vague, but I do definitely know that we use Cookies for this app..

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Denis Braekhus - Teknisk Ansvarlig ABC Startsiden AS

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