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Mon Jul 2 16:05:50 CEST 2007

----- Dingo <outbackdingo at> wrote:
> How would one compare say varnich with nginx 
> where i see Nginx is not only a web server but a balancer for 
> http/pop/imap/smtp

Interesting question. I have myself been looking at Nginx, mainly for its capabilities as a web loadbalancer / front-end.

>From what I've read Nginx is not a cahce per se. It does serve static content (like any other webserver), can be coupled with fastcgi backends to serve dynamic content, and can also be used as an accelerating reverse proxy, in that it handles requests on behalf of slower backend servers (including loadbalancing). It does not (AFAIK) function as a web cache. 

Varnish is a web cache, and to serve any content at all you need some sort of webserver behind it. 

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