Compiling varnish on Solaris

Martins, Joao (ext) joao.martins-ext_nbs at
Tue Jul 10 12:33:19 CEST 2007

If you can send me the patches, I can have a go at compiling / running on our machines, and let you know the results.

What compiler is needed? GCC ? SunStudio?


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"Martins, Joao (ext)" <joao.martins-ext_nbs at> writes:
> I would like to try out Varnish to replace a Squid basd solution for
> reverse proxying. However, our app runs on Solaris, and we're not
> moving to Linux any time soon. Has anyone here tryed to compile
> Varnish on Solaris? I did a quick configure / make (varnsih 1.0.4),
> and it dies with some missing headers.

We have patches for Solaris, but lack testing facilities.  I have
received a Solaris 10 media kit from Sun which I will try to install in
VMWare so I can test the patches - hopefully in time for 1.1.  I tried
OpenSolaris Nevada previously, and had no luck running it in VMWare.

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