Trying to test Vary... but child dies.

Ricardo Newbery ric at
Sat Jul 14 12:27:20 CEST 2007

I'm trying to test the Vary support.

Tried both the svn trunk and the 1.1 svn branch.  Are these stable  
enough right now to test?

Soon after starting up with...

   varnishd -a x.x.x.x:9079 -b x.x.x.x:9080 -s file,/opt/varnish-1.1/ 
storage/storage.bin -d -d

and visiting one page, then refreshing the page, yields the following  
on the console...


NB: Limiting size to 2GB on 32 bit architecture to prevent running  
out of
address space.  Specifiy explicit size to override.
file /opt/varnish-1.1/storage/storage.bin size 2147479552 bytes  
(2097148 fs-blocks, 524287 pages)
Using old SHMFILE
CLI <start>
start child pid 22521
200 0

Child said (2, 22521): <<Child starts
managed to mmap 2147479552 bytes of 2147479552
CLI ready
Child said (2, 22521): <<socktest: linger=0 sndtimeo=0 rcvtimeo=0
Child said (2, 22521): <<Assert error in hcl_deref(), hash_classic.c  
line 210:
   Condition(he->hash < hcl_nhash) not true.
   errno = 0 (Success)
Cache child died pid=22521 status=0x6
Clean child
Child cleaned

The child dies and never restarts.

Any suggestions?


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