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Wed Jul 25 12:35:30 CEST 2007

"Releaselog |" <rlslog at> writes:
> I have a dedicated server running Fedora 6 and hosting a Wordpress
> based website with ~80 000 daily unique visitors, already using
> Wp-Cache plugin and eAccelerator.  The load was increasing lately a
> lot because of growing number of visitors so I decided to try Varnish
> as it looks way more powerful than Squid and other alternatives.
> Installation went fine, all is running now, but the server load
> *increased* instead of decreasing. I didn't change any configuration,
> all is set to default (also because of lack of the documentation), but
> as I said, the server load increased at least twice. Do you have any
> idea what could be wrong and what should I check.

The load average is not a reliable indicator of the amount of work your
server is doing.  Depending on OS, pthread implementation and scheduler
strategy, you could have a very high load average on a nearly idle

Looking at your site, it seems that Varnish is working fine and caching
what it should.  There isn't much more I can say without additional
information (version, command-line parameters, VCL code etc.)

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